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Frequently Asked Question's

Q: What are your check-in and check-out times?
A: Check-in is 4:00 pm (or anytime after) and check-out is 11:00 am. If you need to arrive earlier or leave later please inquire. We can often accommodate your special request.

Q: Your place looks great! Is it available to rent as a whole house rental? I'm planning a family reunion.....
A: We can accommodate both individual room reservations and Full House Rentals. When you rent the Full House you will not be sharing it with other guests. We do not do Full House Rentals and B&B stays at the same time. They are always separate.

Q: I don't plan to arrive until quite late in the evening. Is that a problem?
A: No, you can arrive at any time.

Q: As a B&B guest, I wonder what time you serve breakfast? I have an early appointment.....
A: To allow for greater social distancing we now provide a breakfast bar available from 6 AM to 9:30 AM 

Q: What can I expect for breakfast?
A: We'll provide hot and cold cereals, with nuts, raisins and brown sugar. Also available will be breakfast sandwiches, muffins or sweetbread, yogurt, fruits, toast, bagels cream cheese, jams and jellies, milk and juice and coffee and tea. 

Q: I see you serve a full breakfast for your B&B guests. Do you also serve breakfast for your Full House Rentals?
A: We do not serve breakfast when you rent a full house. We respect your privacy and do not intrude upon that once you have occupancy. You do have a full kitchen with all the appliances for your needs.

Q: How many people will Paddler's Lane accommodate?
A: We can accommodate groups ranging in size from one to 28 in our houses.

Q: How far away is Fallingwater?
A: Fallingwater is 7.5 scenic miles from us.

Q: What about the bike trail and the Youghiogheny river; how far away are they?
A: The Youghiogheny River is literally in our back yard. The bike trail is 75 feet away as the crow flies. However, unless you happen to be a crow you will want to use the bridge which will involve 1.5 mile or approximately six-minute bike ride over flat, paved, rural terrain.

Q: Will there be a television in my room?
A: Yes, each room has a television.

Q: Can I get a private bath?
A: Each room also has a private bath.

Q: I'd like to bring my two children. Do you have a room which will suit us?
A: Paddler's Lane has a room that is particularly well suited for families. In addition to a queen bed, it also has a leparate loft area which has several single beds. This area is an especial favorite for children and young adults.

Q: Are there restaurants nearby?
A: Yes, there are several within a few minute's drive to Confluence. Some of our favorites are "Lucky Dog Cafe," "River's Edge" and "Mitch's".  See our list of nearby restaurants.

Q: What other amenities does Confluence have?
A: Confluence is a very small town, about 400 people I’d guess, so it doesn’t have big town amenities. It does have a gas station, auto repair garage, a grocery store, a vegetable market, a hardware store, a bicycle shop, several restaurants, diners and cafes, a Dollar General and other small-town amenities. All in all, you should be able to get any of the basics that you need here. If you find yourself in need of something of a more exotic nature Somerset is approximately 35 minutes away on 281 North and Uniontown is reached in 45 minutes by taking 523 to 40 East.

Specials & Packages

Book directly for any two non-holiday weeknights in January, February or March and receive a 10% discount.

Book a 7-day house rental on our Website or by phone (Sunday to Sunday) in May, June, July or August and receive a 10% discount.

Select your travel dates & No. of people. Check Availability and click the Book Now link for your selected room